Jung Uncorked: Rare Vintages from the Cellar of Analytical Psychology, Book Three

Jung Uncorked is published in four volumes.This volume continues the acclaimed series, explicating different essays in Jung's Collected Works, volumes 1 – 9i.

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Author: Daryl Sharp
No. Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781894574242

From the author’s preface:

“As I neared the end of Book Two of Jung Uncorked, it became clear to me that I would have to continue this series.  There were still so many essays in Jung’s Collected Works that I appreciated but had not explored.  Hence I resolved to go on, explicating one essay from each volume in the CW, with my experiential commentaries on their psychological and contemporary significance.  In the midst of a crazy-making extraverted world that defies all understanding, it keeps me close to a life-enhancing source of wisdom and sanity, and lets me feel I’m doing something meaningful.  And it is my calling, after all.

I see myself as a conservative or ‘classical’ Jungian.  I do not mean to impugn the integrity of other so-called post-Jungians, but while others may claim to go “beyond Jung,” I am still trying to reach his bootstraps.  Hence in Jung Uncorked I make no claim to be presenting original research; rather I hew closely to the fundamental concepts of analytical psychology as Jung propounded them.  The style and commentaries, of course, are uniquely my own.”