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Frederik N. Huysamen

I was a minister in the Protestant Calvinist tradition.  I hold a degree in ancient languages and psychology from Stellenbosch University, and a degree in theology from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, respectively.  I resigned as minister of the Dutch Reformed Church in 1997 to get perspective and pursue what was stirring from within.

My book Jung and You, Types of Consciousness, deals with the Myers and Briggs misinterpretation of Jung’s ideas regarding types and gives a glimpse into the mind of Jung and how he intended his typology to be understood and applied.

Linda is an old-time friend of mine.  We strive to offer you profound Jungian books and related works at affordable prices and to obtain books on request where possible.

Linda Stroebel

With my insatiable appetite for reading and a natural interest in fairy tales and folklore, books have been an important part of my life since my childhood.  After completing my degree in music, I got the opportunity to study library and information science.

My individuation process went hand in hand with reading the right book at the right time, as if guided mysteriously. The Grail Legend by Emma Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz stands out as a milestone reading experience.

As part of the team, I wish to expand the availability of Jungian books to everyone with an urge to grow.