Jung Uncorked: Rare Vintages from the Cellar of Analytical Psychology, Book One

Jung Uncorked is published in four volumes.In Book One, the author explicates and comments on essays from Jung’s  Collected Works, volumes 1 – 9i.

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Author: Daryl Sharp
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ISBN: 9781894574211

From the author’s preface:

“C.G. Jung died in 1961 at the age of 86, but his legacy lives on, mightily.  His writings are like fine, full-bodied wines – they mature with age, as do we all if we pay sufficient attention to ourselves.

This book celebrates Jung.  It presents spirited passages in his Collected Works (CW) together with my experiential commentaries on their psychological significance and contemporary relevance.  The selections here are of course just the tip of the wine cellar, so to speak, that is Jung’s legacy and, by extension, the backdrop to the attitude toward the psyche that generally informs the modern practice of analytical psychology.

Some of the material here may be familiar to readers from other contexts.  That is to be welcomed.  Consider that we all come back to psychological writings anew, according to where we are on our spiral path of self-understanding. For myself, after thirty years practicing as a Jungian analyst, and editing and publishing books by many colleagues, I am still struck by Jung’s all-encompassing wisdom and insights into the workings of the human psyche.  Indeed, although I am quite familiar with all the essays in Jung’s Collected Works, wherever I open a volume it is as if I had never read it before.  My knees become weak and I am inspirited anew.”