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By Frederik Huysamen | March 16, 2018 |

A basic understanding of the structure of the psyche is an important starting point for the individual interested in dreams and its function.

The internet is the ideal metaphor to explain certain facets of the human psyche.  One could for instance view the Microsoft operating-system and related programmes and its relation to the internet as a dynamic system.  It involves developers and the people who maintain it.  We can thus personify and visualize it as a dynamic system.  Programmes from many developers all over the world form part of this dynamic system.  It involves the world of gaming, movies, the dark-web and programmes being used to hack or develop, and spread viruses.  It includes Blockchain-based programmes for the mining of cryptocurrencies.  Computers and cell phones connect through communication satellites to this dynamic universal network.

The internet is a product and an expression of many human minds or psyches.  Yet, the dynamics of the human conscious and unconscious psyche can be likened to the dynamics and content of the internet to support our understanding of our own psyche.  The ego is the focal point and the very essence of your conscious psyche to which one often refers to as “I”, by saying, for example, “Here I am”.  Let us imagine that my ego could disconnect from the body and connect to the internet via my laptop and gain access to my complete digital footprint.  I now have a digital consciousness with a digital ego at its centre.  The dynamic, but unknown, functions and programmes at the base of the internet continuously exert their influence on my digital conscious psyche.  I could now experience who and what I was at the various stages of my digital life.  A copy and “incarnation” of my digital conscious psyche with its corresponding invisible, unknown part, would resemble my true conscious and unconscious mind.

The metaphor explains three facets about the human psyche:

  • The digital conscious psyche is small in comparison to the Microsoft operating system with its connections to Google and other platforms, which form part of the visible and unknown side of the internet.  In the same way, the individual’s true conscious psyche seems insignificant compared to the vast world of outer knowledge but also in comparison to the unknown unconscious psyche within.
  • Just like the individual’s digital footprint is based on the Microsoft operating-system, the true conscious psyche is based on the unknown psyche, that is, the unconscious psyche.  The digital conscious psyche is rooted in the unknown operating system with its connections to the internet, without which it cannot function.  In fact, the Microsoft operating system precedes one’s digital psyche.  So too, the conscious psyche is rooted in and originates from the unconscious and thus realises from it.
  • The internet consists of a visible world of knowledge and an unknown world of root programmes at its base.  The opposites, good and evil, that one finds in the upper world of the internet are based on the functions and dynamics of its unknown underworld.  Anti-virus and virus programmes depend on Microsoft’s root programmes.  The invisible unknown world of the internet enables its dynamic upper world, and thus resembles the dynamics of the human psyche.  Good and evil intentions, sense and nonsense, good and fake news, originate from the human psyche, that is, from the dynamic interaction between consciousness and the unconscious.

© 2018 by Frederik N. Huysamen


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