Transference / Countertransference

Fundamental issues of transference and countertransference are examined by known Jungian analysts.

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Author: Nathan Schwartz-Salant and Murray Stein (Editors)
No. Pages: 196
ISBN: 9780933029637

Fundamental issues of transference and countertransference are examined in such areas as sexual acting-out, dreams, eating disorders, successful and unsuccessful interventions, borderline disorders, and psychological types.


  • Nathan Schwartz-Salant
    Archetypal Factors Underlying Sexual Acting-Out in the Transference / Countertransference Process;
  • James A. Hall
    Dreams and Transference / Countertransference: The Transformative Field
  • Marion Woodman
    Transference and Countertransference in Analysis Dealing with Eating Disorders
  • Murray Stein
    Power, Shamanism, and Maieutics in the Countertransference
  • William B. Goodheart
    Successful and Unsuccessful Interventions in Jungian Analysis: The Construction and Destruction of the Spellbinding Circle
  • Harriet Gordon Machtiger
    Reflections on the Transference / Countertransference Process with Borderline Patients
  • John Beebe
    Psychological Types in Transference, Countertransference, and the Therapeutic Interaction
  • Betty De Shong Meador
    Transference / Countertransference between Woman Analyst and the Wounded Girl Child
  • Florence L. Wiedemann
    Mother, Father, Teacher, Sister: Transference / Countertransference Issues with Women in the First Stage of Animus Development