Jung: His Life and Work

Published originally in 1976, this work has become a classic retelling of Jung’s life and work by one of his most dedicated followers and intimate friends.  Now back in print, this work deserves to occupy a place of importance in every Jungian library.  It is a warm biographical account filled with anecdotes and made vibrantly alive by the wit and personality of a person who was herself transformed by Jung’s spirit and analytic methods.

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Author: Barbara Hannah
No. Pages: 377
ISBN: 9781888602074

This biography – a full-scale study of Jung’s life and work by a pupil, friend, and close associate for more than thirty years – is a lucid, penetrating account of Jung’s career that stresses the essential wholeness of the man and traces the difficult path by which that wholeness was achieved.  From his earliest years to his death, through the crowded inner and outer events of his long lifetime, this study presents a view of the real Jung rather than the creature of legend. Treating side by side his theoretical apparatus and such personal matters as his relationship with Toni Wolff and his supposed flirtation with Nazism, it reveals more than any other work to date, Jung’s humanity and his genius as a “navigator of the unconscious.”