Dream Child: Creation and New Life in Dreams of Pregnant Women

The broad scope of the dream material analyzed in this book allows the authors to touch upon many subjects associated with the nature of the psyche, not only those relevant to pregnant women. The careful interpretation of the amplificatory material drawn from a wide range of cultures also makes this an inspiring aid for the understanding of dreams, valuable to psychologists, doctors, midwives or anyone else interested in this human subject.

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Author: Regina Abt; Irmgard Bosch; Vivienne MacKrell
No. Pages: 477
ISBN: 9783856305925

The spiritual dimension of pregnancy has been overshadowed in recent times by the dramatic developments in scientific and medical realms.  The sense of wonder and mystery at the creation of new human life is ever more ignored in the wake of so many innovative technical developments.

Once-awesome religious rites and traditions that accompanied the dangerous and significant transitions of life – such as birth, puberty, marriage, illness and death, as well as pregnancy – are hardly to be found in much of today’s world.  A pregnant woman often feels spiritually isolated and at odds with herself.

This book consists of a rich selection of contemporary dreams from many lands, chosen from a collection of some 700 dreams.  They are psychologically interpreted and can offer orientation and stimulation not only for pregnant woman, but for all who are concerned with the great questions of pregnancy, birth and life’s transitions.