Dibs in Search of Self

A beautifully written book by one of the pioneers in the use of play therapy and should be one of the first books to read in one’s exploration to understand the psyche.

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Author: Virginia M. Axline
No. Pages: 208
ISBN: 9780140134599

This is the story of a little boy named Dibs.  He would not talk.  He would not play.  Judged mentally defective, he was oblivious both to other children and to his teacher; in reality he was a brilliant, lonely child trapped in a prison of fear and rage, a prison from which only he could release himself.  And, through psychotherapy and love, he did.

Virginia Mae Axline (1911 – 1988) was a psychologist and one of the pioneers in the use of play therapy.  She is also the author of Play Therapy.